A must read book on viruses “In A Planet of Viruses, science writer Carl Zimmer accomplishes in a mere 100 pages what other authors struggle to
By: Roey Tzezana, PhD Almost two months ago, even before the first Coronavirus carrier in Israel died, Benjamin Netanyahu ordered to make use of
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Draft If I had to choose one paradigm. If I had to choose one idea humanity must not forget, must invent and re-invent, must
Source: https://www.britannica.com/ Plato (c. 428–c. 348 BCE) and Aristotle (384–322 BCE) are generally regarded as the two greatest figures of Western philosophy. For some 20 years Aristotle
This is a list in construction.  It is dedicated to outstanding books that shaped our minds. It is dedicated to the authors and the
Rule number 1: Follow official guidelines WHO – World Health Organization recommends: 1. STAY at home 2. KEEP a safe distance 3. WASH hands