1) Fungi have cell walls that are made of chitin; the same substance that butterfly wings and lobster shells are made of. 2) The
1) Protozoa are eukaryotes with only one cell. Humans are eukaryotes with many cells. 2) Some protozoa can move around using tail like structures
Bacteria were first discovered by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, with the microscope he invented. Bacteria can contain “plasmids” which are genes that are physically separate
1) Viruses are not considered to be alive or dead. They require a host to replicate. 2) Viruses insert their genes into their host
Rule number 1: Follow official guidelines WHO – World Health Organization recommends: 1. STAY at home 2. KEEP a safe distance 3. WASH hands
7 Must read books on viruses and their effects on humanity These books will redefine what ever you know and think about viruses and
Pick your next microscope A microscope is one of the most basic yet exciting tools to use This instrument enables a doctor or a
Bacteria Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms that belong to larger group of organisms called “prokaryotes”. As prokaryotes, this means that bacteria do not store their