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Editor’s Note: We’re living in unprecedented times; coronavirus has impacted us all. At Live Science, we’re doing our best to cover the science behind the pandemic and keep you up to date with clear and accurate information based on data. While we don’t often venture into business or economics, we believe this information about the stimulus check is worth reporting on, so we’ve asked our friends at Top Ten Reviews for this piece about what you need to do to get it and whether it’s enough to keep you going.

Around 130 million Americans have now received their coronavirus stimulus payment, and more checks are on the way. However, for some, the anticipation has turned to confusion, and maybe even anger, after the amount they received was less than they were expecting. At a time when the incomes of millions of Americans are under unprecedented pressure, many would have earmarked the stimulus payment as a means to pay for groceries and other everyday bills, in preference to turning to credit cards and personal loans.

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