Maria P. Fernandez, Hannah L. Pettibone, Joseph T. Bogart, Casey J. Roell, Charles E. Davey, Ausra Pranevicius, Khang V. Huynh, Sara M. Lennox, Boyan S. Kostadinov, Orie T. Shafer

 The Expression of Unc5 Specifically Prevents the Formation of the s-LNv Dorsal Projection Termini

Previous work investigating the relationship between s-LNv structural plasticity and circadian timekeeping employed genetic manipulations that clamped the dorsal termini in constitutively open or closed configurations, typically through the up- or downregulation of transcription factors or cell signaling pathways (e.g., [

  • Petsakou A.
  • Sapsis T.P.
  • Blau J.
Circadian rhythms in Rho1 activity regulate neuronal plasticity and network hierarchy.