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Teachers Pay Teachers has become a favorite resource for time-strapped teachers who want to find valuable materials that are engaging and classroom-tested. Like any online shopping experience, the key to successful TPT shopping is finding high-quality, highly-rated materials that are standards and research-based and created by experienced teachers. Good news: we’ve done the work for you! Here are 17 of our favorite middle school Teachers Pay Teachers shops: 

SOCIAL STUDIES: Peacefield History has been creating authentic, hands-on, standards and research-based social studies resources for her entire 18-year career. For the past few years, she’s been bringing that expertise to Teachers Pay Teachers. A 7th grade social studies and APUSH teacher herself, she creates engaging history resources that teachers could never find in a textbook.

Can’t Miss Resources: Time Travel to the Roaring Twenties, Time Travel to the American Revolution

SOCIAL STUDIES: Social Studies Toolbox is home to some of the best Social Studies bulletin boards. Its “Why History Matters” interactive board not only looks good, but it also educates students on how to think and work like a historian. Most recently, this shop added distance learning plans that will help keep your students engaged.

Can’t Miss Resources: Why History Matters Bulletin Board and Activities, Civil Rights Movement Hyperslide

ELA AND JOURNALISM: Otherwise known as the queen of technology, Hello Teacher Lady is a middle school ELA and journalism teacher who knows a thing or two about Google! Her beautifully-designed digital planners, data trackers, and slides templates will keep you more organized than ever.

Can’t Miss Resources: Digital Agenda Google Slides Bundle, Digital Monthly Planner

ELA: After almost 20 years of teaching middle school ELA, Read it. Write it. Learn it. has used her experience training teachers in standards-based curriculum and development to create her own resources. Two teacher favorites are the Article of the Week activity which includes article of the week activities for the entire school year and her Digital Choice Board for independent reading which is perfect for distance learning. 

Can’t Miss Resources: Article of the Week for the Entire School Year, Digital Choice Board for Independent Reading

ELA: Tanesha is a dynamic middle school ELA teacher, and her passion shines through her curriculum. Plus, her products are engaging and meaningful and deserve a spot in every middle school ELA classroom. Beyond the products below, be sure to check out her store for awesome novel and short story studies.

Can’t Miss Resources: End of Year A to Z Activities, Teaching Empathy: Resources for Teachers

ELA: Kristy has quickly become the escape room queen! Her informational text escape room has almost 800 reviews. The best part? It comes with a digital option for distance learning!

Can’t Miss Resources: Reading Escape Room, What to say instead of “I don’t know”: Accountable Talk Posters

MATH, ELA, HISTORY: Rap Opera for Kids is a unique store with huge possibilities. Your students will become obsessed with reading and math activities that are tied to history, pop culture, and music. This store is truly unique!

Can’t Miss Resources: Ruby Bridges Reading Comprehension Activities, Google Classroom Distance Learning Reading Activities Using Cesar Chavez Rap

MATH: Mix and Math is all about making math a hands on learning experience. Her real-world math studies make the learning relevant.

Can’t Miss Resources: Expressions and Equations Project, Systems of Equations Project

MATH: Ms. Yi is all about getting kids on their feet and learning math! Her store has everything middle school math teachers need, from decor to meaningful learning activities.

Can’t Miss Resources: Equivalent Ratio Scavenger Hunt, Solving One Step Equations Differentiated Task Cards

MATH: The Sassy Math Teacher is a 7th grade math and Pre-Algebra teacher who knows how to teach students who are constantly checking the clock–make the clock into a math lesson!

Can’t Miss Resources: Square Root Clock Labels, Math 7 Homework Spiral Review

SPANISH: Sra. Cruz’s store has everything Spanish teachers need to successfully engage and immerse their secondary students in the Spanish language. With eight years of classroom experience, Sra. Cruz creates products that are meaningful and easy to implement!

Can’t Miss Resources: Spanish Speaking Countries Project, Hispanic Heritage Month: Notable Hispanic American of the Day

ALL CONTENT AREAS: A former graphic designer and computer programmer, The Illustrated Classroom has been a classroom teacher since 2005. Her word walls are gorgeous and help to bring your classroom walls to life!

Can’t Miss Resources: Science Word Wall Bundle, Greek and Latin Roots Word Wall

ALL CONTENT AREAS: The reason we love this middle school Teachers Pay Teachers store is in the name: whimsy. The Whimsical Teacher is all about making learning fun! Her lessons are engaging and cover a variety of content areas.

Can’t Miss Resources: 10 Fun Back to School Games and Activities

ELA and HISTORY: Too Cool for Middle School is a California teacher with an amazing aesthetic and the coolest interactive resources. One of our favorite activities is her Mystery Hangouts which allow classrooms from all around the world to connect and learn together.

Can’t Miss Resources: Mystery Hangouts, Daily Classwork & Homework Slides Templates

SCIENCE: Nitty Gritty Science is a National Board Certified teacher and has been teaching secondary science for 12 years. The products in this store are rigorous and interactive. You can find everything from full-year curriculum to fun projects like the 3D cell model linked below.

Can’t Miss Resources: Plant and Animal Cell 3D Models

The Weird Science Teacher blends art and science to make pure magic! Her anchor charts are pure creative genius. Decorate your classroom with meaningful science!

Can’t Miss Resources: Anchor Chart Bundle: Human Body Systems

Mrs. E has been teaching art for over 10 years. Her style is fun, bright, and your students will love learning with these materials.

Can’t Miss Resources: Paintbrush Care, Famous Artist Posters

Who are your favorite middle school Teachers Pay Teachers sellers? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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