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With everything going on, who doesn’t need a mental break and a laugh?

After spending far too many hours scrolling through Twitter, we found and rounded up more than 20 hilarious tweets practically made just for teachers. Enjoy!

1. Deep stuff here.

We wish more jokes would shape up like this. 😉

2. How many times have you asked this recently?

Honestly, some of us have had to say this before distance learning though. 😅

3. Maybe we’re the problem after all.

We’re learning so much about ourselves lately.

4. How much practice did this take? 😂

Meanwhile, I can’t even figure out where to point when teaching on-camera.

5. Teachers are nothing if not prepared.

Anyone need a few hundred sticky notes, pencils, or paper clips?

6. Our teacher voices will always stay with us.

We actually might be a little too fluent in “teacher voice.”

7. This hit home. 😂

Imagine if teacher evals and observations were like this.

8. This is probably every teachers’ eLearning nightmare. 

He did make a few interesting points though.

9. There’s no better joke than a dad-approved joke.

We’re definitely adding this to our joke repetoire.

10. Give us all the math puns.

This was acute joke. 🤓

11. The one thing we don’t miss about school: the copier.

It’s almost every teacher’s greatest nemesis.

12. Aliens would’ve made for an interesting in-class discussion.

As long as there are lesson plans, there will always be classroom interruptions.

13. You know you’re a teacher when …

Is there a bigger compliment than this though?

14. Simple, yet effective. 😂

Visuals are always helpful, especially when teaching math.

15. A whole new meaning to “teacher’s pet.”

“Kaya wanted to remind everyone to follow the rubric for this week’s assignment and to put all research in your own words! He was very upset when most people copy and pasted information from websites and forgot to add a sources slide at the end. Please don’t disappoint him!”

Please don’t disappoint Kaya!

16. This is the epitome of #teacherproblems.

“If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat!” — Ross Geller, as well as teachers everywhere during their lunch period.

17. Virtual teaching: Where time stands still.

We’ve all gone from “there’s not enough time in the day” to “there’s too much time in the day.”

18. Oh, the painful accuracy.

The only thing missing is the time spent quieting the dog when a package arrives.

19. Math can’t get cancelled.

Technically speaking, anyway.

20. Autocorrect says the darnedest things.

Fun Fact: Gary Oldman is younger than Gary Numan.

21. We really do learn something new everyday.

We just never thought it would be this.

22. Yes! 👏

It’s truly a beautiful thing.

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