Nikki Katz

We all miss our students, and most of them miss us too! To help bridge the distance learning gap, many teachers are sending out Flat Teacher versions of themselves, based on the ever-popular book Flat Stanley.

The Flat Stanley Project was created to encourage schoolchildren to write letters and document their adventures with the Flat Stanley cutout. Many teachers are using this same concept and sending out Adventure sheets to their students as well. Whether you use your Bitmoji or print a photo of yourself, your students will appreciate having you close by. Not sure where to start? Just check out some of our favorite Flat Teachers and how they are being used during quarantine.

You’ve Got Mail!

This letter is adorable and encourages kids to take photos of themselves with the Flat Teacher!

Send With a Flipgrid

Encourage your students to bring you to Zoom meetings, thus attending class!

Adventure Grid Take 2!

This one encourages going outside and doing homework together.

Specific Assignments

We love that this one discusses the enrichment packet. Get specific for specific results!

Varied Poses

We love that this teacher varied the Flat Teacher versions. It makes for varied responses from the kids.

Use Real Photos

We love this photo version of a Flat Teacher and her template for students uploading their photos.

Get Laminated

This is so brilliant for longevity!

The Anticipation

Sending them out and waiting for the photos … something to look forward to!

Oh the Feels

The students’ interactions are so sweet!

And Laughter Too

This teacher was surprised to find out who she’d been hanging with all day!

And Creativity

Getting measured with LEGO bricks is a lot easier when you’re small!

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