Jeroen Dobbelaere, Marketa Schmidt Cernohorska, Martina Huranova, Dea Slade, Alexander Dammermann

AntibodiesAlpaca GFP-Booster Atto 488-conjugated nanobodyChromoTekCat#gba488-100; RRID: AB_2631386Alpaca GFP-Booster Atto 594-conjugated nanobodyChromoTekCat#gba594-10; RRID: AB_2631387Anti-FLAG M2 magnetic beadsSigma-AldrichCat#M8823; RRID: AB_2637089Mouse monoclonal anti-acetylated Tubulin antibodySigma-AldrichCat#T7451; RRID: AB_609894Mouse monoclonal anti-acetylated Tubulin antibody[

  • Woods A.
  • Sherwin T.
  • Sasse R.
  • MacRae T.H.
  • Baines A.J.
  • Gull K.
Definition of individual components within the cytoskeleton of Trypanosoma brucei by a library of monoclonal antibodies.