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Crystal growing kits are an excellent way to get kids of any age interested in science. They’ll be able to use the solution included and watch as crystals grow and form right in front of their eyes. There are a variety of different options out there, and we’ve collected the best of the best for you here. 

Great for kids and adults

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Crystal growing experimental kit

Staff pick

The crystal growing experimental kit is an excellent place for anyone interested in geology or the science behind crystals to get started. The kit will grow several crystals of different colors, and includes 7 domes for displaying them later. It also includes a fact sheet for learning about the science behind what you’re watching, as well as detailed instructions. This kit is built to be used by kids 10 and up.

Colorful growth

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Crystal growing kit

Great for at-home learning

National Geographic is well known for its educational programming and toys, and their crystal growing kit is no exception. It comes with supplies to produce three colors of crystal and a light-up display for all of them. It comes with real gemstones as well, a geode, green fluorite, and blue calcite. There is even a learning guide to tell you all about crystals and crystal formations! 

Glowing crystals

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Light up crystal growing kit for kids

Kid approved

This crystal kit delivers everything your child needs to grow crystals in red, white, and blue. Along with all the necessary pieces to grow crystals, it includes a 12-page booklet with information so your kids can learn about the excellent science experiment they just finished. Once they’ve finished growing, you can move crystals onto the included light-up display and show them off to friends and family! 

Best variety of crystals

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Deluxe crystal growing steam science kit

Built for kids interested in Geology

This crystal growing science kit from 4M goes above and beyond most other options with more crystals in a variety of sizes. Inside are materials to grow one large crystal, three medium crystals, four small crystals, one glow-in-the-dark crystal, and two crystal geodes. No matter what size you choose, your kids will be able to watch it grow to full size in 7-10 days. There are also seven domes included for displaying for crystals once they’ve finished developing! 

Best Value

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Crystal growing lab

Real gemstones make these crystals even better

If you aren’t sure if your child will be into crystals, then opting for a slow introduction might be the right call. The crystal growing lab from National Geographic gives you the materials to grow one crystal, and do it for an affordable price. You can choose from amethyst, calcite, or fluorite, which means three different color options to pick through. There is also a full-color information guide to keep your kids interested once this hands-on project is complete! 

Bottom line

Crystal growing kits offer a fun multi-day science experiment for kids of all ages. Whether you want to opt for a small kit that will only grow a single crystal or let your kids grow several at once, there are options out there for you. Out of them, all our favorite is the 4M crystal growing experimental kit. It gives you everything needed to grow and display crystals, along with a fact sheet to get your kids learning as they watch! 

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