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I guarantee every teacher reading this can recognize their students in at least 25% of the phrases! Whether you teach elementary, middle, or high school, you likely hear these common phrases dozens of times a day. While we can’t make students stop saying these things, or give you a dime each time you hear them, sometimes it just helps to know that others understand and can relate.

1. What are we supposed to do again? –Erin E.

Because we didn’t just get done explaining it!

2. Does spelling count? –Kara B.

Yes. Today and always.

3. Can we do something fun today? –Maria M.

Isn’t every day fun?

4. Do we dress out today? –Daniel C.

Is it a day that ends in “day”?

5. Wait, we had homework? –Sandra L.

Yes. And it’s due now!

6. But you didn’t tell me to turn it in. –Amanda B.

But did you do it?

7. Can I go to the bathroom? –Lisa C.

Yes. The pass is right there.

8. Is it time for snack/lunch/recess yet? –Katie M.

The schedule is right there!

9. Is this for a grade? –Karen S.

Yes. Yes it is. 

10. I don’t know what we’re supposed to do. –Beckah H.

Let me tell you again …

11. I didn’t know we had a test today. –Sandra L.

I hope you still studied!

12. I don’t get it. –Jessica A.

Perhaps your classmate can tell you?

13. Do we have to write this down? –Michelle H.

I would suggest it!

14. But I was just… –Miranda K.


15. I can’t find my pencil. –Lauren F.

Borrow one from a friend please!

16. Did I miss anything while I was gone? –Linda C.

Just a little.

17. Can you tie my shoe? –Keri S.

Yes, let me just squat down right here.

18. You didn’t tell us that! –Amanda D.

I’m pretty sure I did!

19. I wasn’t talking. –Lisa C.

But, I was listening!

20. What page are we on? –Jen W.


21. I didn’t know it was due today. –Debra A.

But at least we don’t have a test!

22. I wasn’t on my phone. I was just checking the time. –Lisa C.

Mmmm, hmmmm.

23. Can I get a drink of water? –Kristin H.

Sigh again.

24. I can’t see the board. –Jack A.

Time to rearrange seats!

25. I forgot my book in my locker. –Katie H.

Please go get it!

26. Do I have to put my name on it? –Jessica K.

I highly suggest it.

27. I didn’t have time to do my homework. –Eunice W.

And that’s whose fault?

28. Are we doing anything today? –Shani H.

Yep. Strap in!

29. He cutted. –Jessica D.

Of course he did.

30. My mom forgot to put my homework in my backpack. –Miriam C.

Pretty sure that’s not her job!

31. Can I get extra credit for that? –Kimberly H.

Was it assigned?

32. What is the date today? –Alexa J.

Now’s the time to check your phone!

33. You never told us that! –Sharon H.

Where is the recorder when I need it.

34. It wasn’t me. –Regina R.

Mmmm. Hmmmmmm. (Again!)

35. You never gave me that. –Sharon H.

Pretty sure I did.

36. But she did it, too! –Krystal K.

I don’t doubt that.

37. What time do we get out of this class? –Rachael A.

Same time as yesterday.

38. Ewwwwwww! –Kimberly M.

I agree!

39. I’m all done. What should I do now? –Suzette L.

Silent work, please!

40. When is this due? –Ann C.

Probably today.

41. I’m bored. –Stace H.

I bet I can cure that.

42. I was only texting my mom. –Mike F.

Hopefully, she doesn’t respond.

43. Do we have to write in complete sentences? –Robyn S.


44. Teacher. Teacher. Teacher. –Janet B.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

45. Why do I need to learn that? –Naomi L.

Because I promise one day you will use it!

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