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The last year of elementary school can be difficult. The social dynamics are changing, the curriculum is more challenging, and it’s the end of an important chapter in kids’ lives. As such, it’s not surprising that things can get a little emotional. Create a supportive learning environment for this milestone year with these fifth grade classroom ideas. They’ll love it!

1. Create a reading oasis

Let them escape the classroom and jump into a new adventure with this reading space.

2. Nurture and encourage growth

Foster a growth mindset in your fifth grade classroom every single day!

3. Get detail-oriented

This library took a lot of effort, but students will have so much to explore.

4. Choose your own adventure

Encourage students to dive into incredible biographical stories and fictional tales.

5. Add a fresh coat

Freshening up your wall color can breathe new life into your classroom.

6. Be the headmaster of Hogwarts

Harry Potter learned a lot of valuable lessons from his teachers.

7. Pull up a seat

Don’t be afraid to combine all kinds of seating, from loveseats to tree stumps, in your fifth grade classroom!

8. Map out the school year

This colorful map helps with geography and adds a pop of color to your fifth grade classroom.

9. Revamp your behavior chart

Use some emojis to make handling school behavior a little less intimidating.

10. Introduce a wall of knowledge

Break down concepts and mechanics into steps that students can review in a glance.

11. Have fun with bulletin boards

We really love the bulletin boards that look like reclaimed wood. So rustic!

12. Get a little punny

Life can be so hard — bring some silliness to your fifth grade classroom!

13. Make use of your space

Start small, be organized, and gradually build your collection!

14. Tame the workbook madness

Add labels to simple, affordable storage bins and you’ve conquered the clutter!

15. Create a bean bag library

Bean bags chairs are an affordable, flexible, and comfortable option for your reading nook.

16. Share words of wisdom

Every week, change the message and set the tone in your fifth grade classroom.

17. Welcome new students

A welcoming door helps students step into your classroom and leave the rest of the world behind them.

18. Offer a natural landscape

Not into neons, pastels, or rainbows? Try a neutral, natural theme in your fifth grade classroom.

19. Add a pop of color

Combine black and white decor with one cool, brightly-colored accent piece to add personality!

Plus check out the ultimate checklist for setting up your fifth grade classroom.

If these ideas inspired you, join our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group and come talk with the very teachers who suggested them!

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