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It’s no secret that teachers aren’t paid as much as we deserve. This is an absolutely critical issue that affects the well-being of future generations. But it’s also okay to laugh about it sometimes, even if only to ease the pain. Presenting our favorite memes about teacher pay:

1. When you get that first paycheck

This can’t be right, can it?

2. When you have to get creative with your vacation plans

Hitting the slopes…in my apartment.

3. When you’re thinking maybe you chose the wrong profession

I like diamonds.

4. When you’re turning nickels into quarters, one paycheck at a time

Thank you so much.

5. When the comparison game isn’t worth it 

All of these professions require advanced degrees.

6. When your 10-year challenge looks a little different

Pay us more, please.

7. When you have to buy new supplies every year

Out of your own pocket, of course.

8. When any teacher can tell you the real reason there’s a “shortage”

It’s the pay, people.

9. When you’re ready to give lawmakers a better idea of what goes into teaching

Their phone numbers are publicly available, after all.

10. When you’re living paycheck to paycheck

Sad but true.

11. When the math doesn’t add up

We’ll take the babysitter rate, thanks.

12. When you live this cycle on repeat

Oh no, what have I done?

13. When your friends need an education


14. When you definitely can’t afford the latest iPhone

Nope, can’t even think about it.

15. When you relate to Breaking Bad a little too much

Maybe Walter White had the right idea.

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