Jeanne Croteau

You spend a lot of hours in your classroom, so you want to make it a place that’s inviting and fun for you and your students. Finding the right layout, furniture, and decor can be time-consuming, but the effort will be worth it in the long run. To save you some time, we’ve come up with a list of 15 fun and inspiring first grade classroom ideas for inspiration!

1. Give your library a makeover

Who wouldn’t want to curl up to read in a beautiful spot like that?

2. Encourage leadership

Set the tone by empowering students with leadership skills.

3. Connect the (dry erase) dots!

How fun (and practical!) are these paper-saving dry erase dots for your teacher table?

4. Support their career aspirations

Let your students know that they can reach for the stars (and that you support them)!

5. Create learning zones

Use seating clusters to create learning stations in your first grade classroom!

6. Put positivity on display

On bad days, a bulletin board like this reminds us of the good in our world.

7. Make your reading table more inviting

Soft, colorful seating can make reading time more comfortable for kids.

8. Keep kids safe with helpful displays

We’d love to go back to normal, but for now, we can find fun ways to remind kids how to stay safe and healthy.

9. Turn your library into a sanctuary

A cool, organized reading nook can be a welcomed escape from a noisy first grade classroom.

10. Experiment with layouts and spacing

Come up with different configurations and see which ones work best.

11. Plan for the entire school year

It’s better to get ahead now than try to scramble once classes begin!

12. Organize your bookshelf

Make it easier for everyone to find the book they are looking for! And make sure to check out our favorite bookshelves and fill them with first grade books.

13. Upgrade your word wall

Using word magnets on your whiteboard takes first grade classroom literacy to the next level.

14. Organize everything

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