Nikki Katz

Let’s face it. We’re all a little exhausted. We’re all a little overwhelmed. And school reopening plans keep evolving and changing. We won’t know til we know, but it doesn’t hurt to have a good laugh about it in the meantime. Hopefully, you can identify with a few (or all) of these funny teacher memes about school reopening this fall.

1. When you can’t quite decipher the plan.

Is it a flower? A sunset? A family?

2. When you’re still wondering how social distancing will work in the classroom.

There doesn’t seem to be enough space for anyone!

3. When you wonder who is actually putting together these plans.

Students like to interact!

4. When you strongly dislike all the reopening plans.

We get it … there doesn’t seem to be a good solution.

5. When you wonder if there will ever be a specific reopening plan!

We almost wish it was about dating!

6. Still waiting!

And waiting … and waiting …

7. When you think back on this last semester.

It was brutal. We feel you.

8. When we think ahead to fall reopening.

We miss the hugs too!

9. And kids wearing masks!

It will definitely be interesting!

10. And what theme days might look like.

All the masks.

11. When you wonder if the students will stay put.

All that work organizing desks!

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