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Some classes will be online, some months will be online, some days will be online. The different scenarios being discussed for back to school this fall can be dizzying! We do know this much is true: distance learning is here to stay. Check out these great books for online teaching. They’ll help you feel confident, no matter how school resumes in September.   

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A comprehensive research-based reference book that’s super easy to follow and apply. Includes tips and strategies on customizing learning, assessing mastery, and more. 

This short, practical book is organized around 16 traits of excellent online teaching. Covers everything from facilitating online discussion to helping struggling students. 

The perfect book for anyone who feels like online teaching can easily take over their life. Great advice on how to help students take responsibility for their own learning and for keeping their parents in the loop! Best for 6-12 grade teachers. 

4.  Zoom 2020 by Peter Armsmiller

Using this popular go-to meeting platform is not always intuitive. Check out this illustrated guide and you’ll soon be managing your virtual classroom like a pro.

If Google Classroom is your platform, you’re going to want this book. A step-by-step illustrated manual that will help you set up your room and use it with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

Switching up your online approach doesn’t have to involve a complete overhaul. Dive into this fascinating resource on minor changes that can make a world of difference in student learning.

Getting full participation during online learning is easier said than done! Check out this super popular book by a first grade teacher and tech whiz. Includes ready-to-use lesson plans and QR codes that link to additional resources and examples.

Videos are an incredible way to reinforce learning, but the thought of making them can be intimidating. This book will guide you through creating effective, engaging videos using your smartphone—without a huge investment of time.

Asking a question and getting only silence in response is the worst. Learn how to avoid “crickets” with this guide to facilitating online conversation. Packed with information and practical recommendations. 

Technically, this is a business book—but we think it’s great for teachers, too! Connecting with students or coworkers over screens can be a challenge. Try some of these fun activities and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the bonds you can create.  

What are your favorite books for online teaching? Share in the comments below!

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