10 Must know facts about protozoa

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1) Protozoa are eukaryotes with only one cell. Humans are eukaryotes with many cells.

2) Some protozoa can move around using tail like structures called “flagella”, hair like structures called cilia or feet-like structures called pseudopodia.

3) Protozoa are mainly heterotrophs, meaning that they must nutrients by eating other things.

4) Euglena are a type of protozoa that can photosynthesise, the same process that plants use to make nutrients out of sunlight.

5) Protozoa can reproduce asexually and sexually.

6) Some protozoa can steal chloroplasts, which help with photosynthesis, from other organisms.

7) Some protozoa are “pathogenic”, meaning they can cause diseases, like malaria.

8) Protozoa are enveloped by a membrane called a “pellicle”.

9) Protozoa were once thought of as being one-celled animals, since they can move and hunt.

10) Some protozoa are parasitic, meaning that they take advantage of hosts.


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