10 Must know facts about fungi

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1) Fungi have cell walls that are made of chitin; the same substance that butterfly wings and lobster shells are made of.

2) The long branching tube-like parts of fungus are called “hyphae”. Many hyphae come together to form a “mycelium”

3) The word “Fungus” comes from the Latin word for mushroom.

4) We use fungus to help make food, like cheese and yoghurt, through fermentation.

5) Baker’s yeast, which we use to make bread, is a type of fungus.

6) Fungus can reproduce both asexually and sexually.

7) The largest organism on the planet, the Honey Mushroom, is almost 200 acres wide and is a type of fungus.

8) Fungus use “spores” to be able to spread and reproduce, the same way plants use seeds.

9) Scientists use fungus to produce medicine, such as antibiotics.

10) Although they look like plants, fungus cannot photosynthesize and are in fact more similar to animals rather than plants.

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